SA Corporates & Customs
Photographed By
Lee Robinson (#359)

As of the 7th December 1998, Corporate number plates were available in alpha-numeric, custom, personalised and premium formats. Standard Australian vehicle size only.

I have travelled as far north as Port Augusta and as far south as Mt Gambier from Adelaide to photograph the following plates.

Alpha-numeric, Passenger


Alpha-numeric, Trailer
Although only available to companies that hold a current Australian Business Number, 11 different designs were made available to the general public by State Wide Plates the local agent of George Industries. These mainly depicted sporting clubs or activities with a rebate being paid to the governing body.
State Wide Number Plates with sole ownership of the design copyright made available to the public 3 additional sporting theme plates. Note, the 'TEE TO GREEN WHAT A DREAM' plate having a full colour graphic base carried an additional fee.
From the 1st December 2000 as vehicles in the Commonwealth fleet were replaced, registration came under the individual states. A corporate adaptation of the then existing red Z plate was adopted by some Commonwealth departments while others took on 'Festival State' plates.
Available to the public, this plate incurs an additional fee payable to the Adelaide Zoo.

Tiltform Technology

1 custom ($190) and 15 personalised plates ($170 each) in 3 different designs.($300 each) plus a supply charge ($180 each) makes a total investment of $6,520 by this company.

They are now out of business!

Here are the latest plates I have been able to photograph.

If you know of any other South Australian corporates please contact me, Lee Robinson by email.